At Radicle Capital, we help sustainable, early
to growth stage ventures adjust to the conditions
of the modern business environment. Just as seedlings
require sunlight, soil, air, and water to take
root and grow healthy, a growing business
requires vision, expertise, and capital to
mature and blossom.





Radicle Capital’s investment philosophy is built on a core focus in sprouting change by helping companies,
organizations, and funds who foster the ideals of generating a social and or environmental impact.

Because of their impact focus, Radicle Capital is a patient source of capital. Beyond providing funding,
they help in areas of board representation, fundraising, scalability, business development, strategic
partnerships, and more. Many of their existing portfolio companies have grown from early to growth
stage ventures with seed stage to follow on capital from Radicle Capital, as well as advisement in the
aforementioned areas.

By making responsible investment decisions, funding the brilliance of its own local community, and
reaching across borders around the globe, Radicle Capital hopes to develop a greater, more global
community and appreciation of resources by germinating the world’s seedlings in businesses who
are sprouting change.


Radicle Capital possesses a diverse portfolio with targeted interest in ventures with a socially
and or environmentally conscious mission.
Current investments range from:
—Farm-to-table food producers
—Eco-friendly consumer goods producers

Solutions that aid an underserved market
Solar energy solutions
Food and beverage products with positive social and or environmental impact
Health tech innovations with social impact


Radicle Capital considers investment in ventures:
Solving a social and or environmental  problem
With innovations that are technology, product, and or service based
Possessing a minimum viable product with proven sales and or customer traction and validation
Who’ve reached an inflection point in their business and are poised for accelerated growth
With a strong, dedicated, experienced founding team

Prospects can be rooted local to Radicle Capital in Louisville, Kentucky, or in states across the nation, and even globally. It is the idea of Radicle Capital that prospects be primed to grow even larger by way of their owners’ dedication to doing well by doing good.


Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Benton grew up as a member of the Boy Scouts of America where he earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He continued refining his abilities and passions, attending St. Xavier High School and then college at Southern Methodist University where he received a degree in Art History. His time at SMU led him to study abroad in Italy where he learned a great deal about himself and the world.

Since his return to Louisville from SMU in 2004, Benton has been a licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Agent with Sterling Thompson Company in Louisville, KY. For nearly 14 years, he’s made a career in insurance focused on insuring medium to larger sized companies. Benton is a committed member of his community as a seated board member for several nonprofits, and assists in planning community fundraisers. He strives to create a local impact and has a profound respect for those who devote their lives to finding healthy, sustainable ways to support their communities.

In 2014, Benton had the desire to begin Radicle Capital to provide capital to companies in their earliest phases of growth. With this strategy, Benton hopes to bring positive and lasting change not just to his own community, but also to the world. Benton appreciates the efforts, progress, and impact of those companies he’s invested in within the Radicle Capital portfolio. Those who desire to create, do good for their community, and foster a cause they are passionate about excite Benton.


Raised in a small town just outside Louisville, Kentucky as a fourth generation agriculturalist, and being the first in her family to graduate college, Candice’s background has shaped her to be a self-starter who is motivated by working for a cause. She is a professionally trained public speaker and speech writer, has career experience in advertising, marketing, impact investing, and social enterprise management. Her studies at the University of Louisville (Biology & Communication) and the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (Social Enterprise Management & Impact Investing) have molded her interests and passion for supporting entrepreneurs.

With a strong background in early to growth stage investment and entrepreneur support, Candice joins Radicle Capital to manage the growing portfolio of ventures. Previous to her role at Radicle, Candice was one of two founding team members at Endeavor Louisville, a non-profit that supports high impact entrepreneurs in the local ecosystem. Before joining Endeavor, Candice was the Global Recruitment Manager for Village Capital where she was responsible for managing all deal flow and a team of global associates, sourcing the best early-stage ventures seeking training, mentorship, and investment.

Candice adds the most value building relationships with entrepreneurs, mentoring ventures in such areas as business development, strategic marketing, branding, and more, and guiding the investment process. With a prideful upbringing in agriculture, involvement in community development, and career experience within the entrepreneurial and impact investing ecosystem, Candice is passionate and excited to add value to organizations who strive to make a difference, work for a cause, are mission driven, and wish to create a lasting impact.



Benton Keith
333 East Main St – Ste 400
Louisville, KY 40202